Friday, August 19, 2011

The Web goes back to school part 2

School starts for us in around 10 days. Anxiously waiting my financial aid check so I can grumble about the price of books. In the mean time we are skimping and saving where ever we can and trying to show our school spirit too.

Have you ever put your water bottle or coke bottle down so you had your hands free to get stuff out of your back pack or to check your phone. We make these drink holders to make it easier for you.

Also I have made pom pom spirit hats. A room mate of mine is going to Texas Wesleyan and I made her a hat to show off her school spirit this fall.
Also if you are a fan of another famous college in the DFW area you could buy this hat on our shop, or order one in your favorite school colors.

Hope you all have a great back to school.
The Raven Was Here

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Web goes back to school!

School starts for us in about 10 days. PANIC  While gathering supplies together and muttering a few choice words about the cost of books.  200 bucks for an accounting book - you  can't be serious.   grumble grumble!   We decided to make a few items instead of buying them.

First on the list is a laptop bag embroidered with a geisha.  She turned out so beautiful, the pictures really do not do her justice.  This bag is meant to hold a Dell Duo. After working all night and lots of caffeine it took us about 5 hours to complete.  
Hoping it fits since we didn't have it to take appropriate measurements. 

The next adventure was making a pencil case.  I have the embroidery design to make the bag, but has koi and waves on it.  This is perfect for Raven but not really my style so I threw caution to the wind and deleted some elements added some pirates, ninjas, and a zombie.  I was in geek heaven that it turned out so perfectly.  This design, and others, will later make an appearance in the Etsy shop in a few weeks.
 Raven's Pencil Case

 Bun Bun Pencil Case
I kinda feel sorry for the zombie.

I decided I wanted a fabric covered cork board.  I never care for the colors or fabric that comes on the ready made ones, so I went and made my own.  I am very happy with the results.  There were some mishaps with the glue gun, My finger still hurts after 2 hours, and need a longer piece of ribbon than what I started with.   The important thing is it's what I wanted. 
I will be making a tutorial soon on how I made it.

Bun Bun

Friday, August 12, 2011

What to do with the ugliest yarn known to man?

Ok I admit I try to be as positive as I can and I try not to be mean. I know someone designed the colors for this yarn. Honestly it is the ugliest yarn known to man. I will let you be the judge.
It is in shades of white, orange, red, yellow, and green. We have tried everything to tone it down we have added dark green to it, we have added brown to it which wasn't to bad. One day I was changing my seasonal altar and thought maybe if you put it on a wreath form and add a lot of fall stuff you wouldn't realize it is the ugliest yarn.
What you need:
wreath form
yarn (ball the yarn it will make it easier to go around the wreath form)
fall leaves
strips of orange cloth (opt)

Using a little glue on the wreath form in your start location start wrapping the yarn until the entire form is covered. Add some glue on the end piece to keep it in place let dry.

wrap fall leaves around the form tying them in place with strips of cloth or pin them in place with floral pins
Add raffia for nice contrast. You could also add other fall accents like gourds, nuts, birds.
Finished fall wreath on the wall. Let us know what you think and any ideas you have for the ugliest yarn known to man because we have more than it took to make this wreath. Please give us ideas.

The Raven was here

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Energy for the Tangled Web

I have wondered if anyone has wondered where we got the name The Tangled Web and why there is a bunny and a raven on our logo.
Christi and I have been friends for a while now and when you are close you start to do things together and get all tangled up in each others lives and way at times. I personally have never met a knitter or crochet craftier or a sew craftier that doesn't have thread and yarn every where. I am personally notorious for getting yarn tangled around objects, myself, and others. And so when it came time for a name it just seemed right. It didn't hurt that our favorite holiday is also Halloween.
Now why you might ask does a bunny have to do with spiders and webs. The raven doesn't even get a second glance, we are sneaky that way. Some where along the way you pick up nick names and Christi's is bunn bunn and mine is Raven. Now to find out more about that you will have to stop by our both at Cowtown Indie Bazaar and ask us.

New Energy for the Tangled Web we are going to be doing a revamping of our Etsy site posting new photos and new stuff for you all to enjoy very soon we hope in the coming months. We have also started to add stuff you can pin on pintreast if you aren't addicted yet shame on you or you must have more to do than I do.

So who is this crazy person writing on this blog. Well today it is the Raven (never more), I perch delicately on the web edge and add more to it as often as I can. I come from a long line of crafters; crochet, cross-stitch, plastic canvas, and sewing. I added knitting, soap, candles, bath products, jewelry making, and more to that list. You can usually find me with needles in my hand and a trail of yarn.

 the Raven was here.