Friday, September 9, 2011

The Web at School

     The Web is at school this is the end of our 2nd week of classes and one of my classes is already talking mid-term. We are trying out products we made. The labtop bag is working great and I love it to pieces. Now we are talking about making headbands and bento box holders, we will keep you up to-date on those.
We hope everyone is enjoying the recent fall weather and we so hope that it sticks around. It has been great whil walking from class to class.
   I know the bun bun is working on more bags, and I am still working on a yoga bag. We hope to have photos for you soon. We are looking for some help. If you are a photographer and would like to add to your portfolio or a model looking to do the same we have product that we need better photos of, please contact us by email to please make the subject photos.
   Also on September 15th is the deadline to win the D20 dice bag we made on Role Play Universe Magazine so go enter in the contest to win it, before the deadline.!

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