Monday, August 15, 2011

The Web goes back to school!

School starts for us in about 10 days. PANIC  While gathering supplies together and muttering a few choice words about the cost of books.  200 bucks for an accounting book - you  can't be serious.   grumble grumble!   We decided to make a few items instead of buying them.

First on the list is a laptop bag embroidered with a geisha.  She turned out so beautiful, the pictures really do not do her justice.  This bag is meant to hold a Dell Duo. After working all night and lots of caffeine it took us about 5 hours to complete.  
Hoping it fits since we didn't have it to take appropriate measurements. 

The next adventure was making a pencil case.  I have the embroidery design to make the bag, but has koi and waves on it.  This is perfect for Raven but not really my style so I threw caution to the wind and deleted some elements added some pirates, ninjas, and a zombie.  I was in geek heaven that it turned out so perfectly.  This design, and others, will later make an appearance in the Etsy shop in a few weeks.
 Raven's Pencil Case

 Bun Bun Pencil Case
I kinda feel sorry for the zombie.

I decided I wanted a fabric covered cork board.  I never care for the colors or fabric that comes on the ready made ones, so I went and made my own.  I am very happy with the results.  There were some mishaps with the glue gun, My finger still hurts after 2 hours, and need a longer piece of ribbon than what I started with.   The important thing is it's what I wanted. 
I will be making a tutorial soon on how I made it.

Bun Bun

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