Monday, May 30, 2011

New items on the Web

The web has been busy this week, getting tangled in our threads.  Here are a few of the newest items posted in our shop.

Mp3 / Cell phone pocket
mp3/cell phone pocket

Baby Dragon mp3 / Cell phone pocket
dragon mp3 / cell phone pocket

Cthulhu loves you mp3 / cell phone pocket
Cthulhu mp3 / cell phone pocket

You choose color POM POM hat

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My embroidery and sewing career.

I started sewing when I was 12 years old under the close supervision of my grandmother.  My first project was a 9 square quilt.  I remember sewing a block then she would look at my lines to make sure they were straight, most were not, and she would have me rip the seams and redo them.   I owe my love of sewing to her and grateful to the knowledge she gave me.  I inherited her old sewing machine, and even though she is no longer with me I still have a little bit of her that none of the grand kids can have.  

After a long hiatus from sewing I landed my dream job before I knew it was my dream job.  I was told about an opening at an embroidery shop, desperately in need of a job I applied and got it.  I got introduced to a mammoth 6 head 12 needle Tajima embroidery machine.  This job rejuvenated my love of sewing and got me interested in doing embroidery at home.  A few years later I purchased my first embroidery machine. A Singer Futura CE-100.   I was in embroidery heaven!  I would find anything I could to embroider on.  A lot of monogrammed towels were given that year.  It has really turned into something I want to do full time again.  

The CE-100 is getting older and like most computerized things is getting outdated so I figured it was time to upgrade her and purchase a new machine.   I am waiting very impatiently for my new machine to arrive.  Just 2 more days ACK!!!    I cannot wait for my new Singer Quartet 4.

This is where I am now, I hope to be doing this for a long time and eventually get back to working on that huge Tajima again.  I miss is so much.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

New blog and upcoming events

The Tangled Web is going to try the blog thing.  In an attempt to get our name out to more people and to help keep everyone in touch with upcoming events.  I am enthusiastic that this will be a positive step in our shops future.

On with the show:

In June we will be visiting A-kon in Dallas to see about working in Artist Alley for next year.  With our twisted sense of crafting I believe this will be a good fit for us.   Look for us at the tabletop gaming section in the Westin.  We won't be selling anything but can take orders and answer any questions.  

We have been working hard on pieces to have ready for the Japanese Fall festival, Fall Arts goggle, and Cowtown Indie Bazaar .  We hope we get to vend these events.   All these events take place in October.  Its going to be a busy month for us at the web.

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