Friday, August 19, 2011

The Web goes back to school part 2

School starts for us in around 10 days. Anxiously waiting my financial aid check so I can grumble about the price of books. In the mean time we are skimping and saving where ever we can and trying to show our school spirit too.

Have you ever put your water bottle or coke bottle down so you had your hands free to get stuff out of your back pack or to check your phone. We make these drink holders to make it easier for you.

Also I have made pom pom spirit hats. A room mate of mine is going to Texas Wesleyan and I made her a hat to show off her school spirit this fall.
Also if you are a fan of another famous college in the DFW area you could buy this hat on our shop, or order one in your favorite school colors.

Hope you all have a great back to school.
The Raven Was Here

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