Monday, February 6, 2012

Raven's nest

Here at the Raven's nest the tangles of yarn are coming together. I admit freely that I haven't worked on anything for the spring shows; instead I have a shrug I am making for my boyfriends sister up at work, a lap blanket I am making for the shop, a lap blanket I am making for a room-mate, and a scarf I am making for myself. I will take some work in progress photos and share them next week.
The Bun bun has done a wonderful job updating the look of our blog. Speaking of the Bun bun we are going to start a monthly tracker of stockings that the Bun bun has made. As of the beginning of this month we are 0 out of 24 stockings to make before December. We started this idea of her making 2 stockings a month so she isn't making tons in October and November for the winter shows and sales. So please send her ideas on stockings and maybe you just might get a discount on the one, you will have to talk to her about that.
I am looking for inspiration for the spring/summer months, crochet and knit tends to be a winter craft. So send me somethings you guys would like to see the shop make.
May you all have a wonderful week and from our web to yours may your hands be busy and your hearts light.


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